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Spring... The perfect season to build a Capsule Wardrobe!

If you've been considering creating your own Capsule Wardrobe, now is the time to do it! With Spring upon us and (knowing how time flies) Summer right around the corner, you don't want to be fussing about with outfit changes... you want that extra 30 minutes to sneak in a workout or grab a Vino with friends. Whatever you fancy, now is the season to get prepared so you can reap all the benefits when the warm weather hits. 

We share a lot of tips and tricks... so just in case you've missed any, need a reminder, OR maybe you're just stumbling upon us now, here are our top 5 resources (as voted by you!) This will help simplify and get you closer to building the Capsule Wardrobe that's perfect for you. 

1. Our Capsule Wardrobe Guide

Starting from scratch? This is a downloadable resource you can use to develop the perfect capsule wardrobe for you and your life! If you're ready to hit the ground running, then download it now, here.

2. Uniform Dressing

We have a couple of resources related to the concept of "Uniform Dressing" it's the core to a simple, minimalist (but still stylish) wardrobe. Check out What is Uniform Dressing? and Uncovering your Personal Style to learn more.

3. 5 Signs it's Time to Overhaul your Look?

Wondering if you need to make some more significant personal style edits? If there has been big changes in your life (new job, babies, etc.) then this is often the time when we struggle the most. Maybe your wardrobe just isn't working anymore? Sound like you? Read on...

4. What is Capsule Dressing?

Are you confused? New to all this? Start from the beginning with What is Capsule Dressing?

5. Our No Regrets Shopping Planner

If you are keen to make a few investments this season check out our downloadable No Regrets Shopping Planner -- this will help guide your purchases and make sure they're all solid investments.

Enjoy! And, as always, we love to hear from you! If you've got a question, concern or suggestion we'd love to hear from you! Email us at