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On a budget? Tips for the cash-conscious!

If you're on a tight budget it can be really tricky to determine the best way forward when it comes to your wardrobe. Life can be expensive and if you have other big financial goals then it's important to figure out how to get what you need without breaking the...

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Maintaining your Capsule Wardrobe Long-Term

Maybe you've just started out on your Capsule Wardrobe Journey, or maybe you've been rocking a Capsule Wardrobe since well before Marie Kondo was on the scene. Regardless of where you're at it's important to understand there are some fundamental differences between maintaining your Capsule Wardrobe and the old routine of...

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A guide to reselling

If you've recently cleaned out your closet you might be wondering if it's worth trying to resell some of what has been cleared. There are so many great things about reselling not to mention you can make some money! Reselling is a great way to give a garment a chance at a...

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Autumn Knitwear Checklist

As the season changes it's time to check the status of your knitwear and get it ready for colder days. Here are a few things worth doing to make sure you're all set!1. Look for holes and get mending -- if there are small holes from a pull, general wear or...

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Festive Mimosas

  We are kicking off the festive season here, and wanted to share one of our favourite (and the simplest!) cocktail recipe that we like to make in December - a mimosa with a slight twist! It is so simple, but looks fantastic, and all you need is An orange...

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