Made in New Zealand. Complimentary Shipping on all orders over $250. Made in New Zealand. Complimentary Shipping on all orders over $250.

Whether you're already building your own capsule wardrobe, or just considering it and doing some initial research, we all want to avoid those regrettable purchases. 

Here at Issue Clothing Co we want to help you, our goal is to provide you a guilt-free, easy way to keep you work look fresh and clean. We only want you to purchase pieces you'll love and wear for a long time. Some of you may have The Capsule Wardrobe Guide - this was our first downloadable and it's available here - this is a great option for those who want to make a clean start on their wardrobe. However, we know not all of you are ready, or maybe don't have the time, so we've created the No Regrets Shopping Planner. Think of this planner as our quick digest version of the Capsule Wardrobe Guide. If you're short on time but want to take a conscious and intentional approach to the way you shop, then this is a great way to go.

Download the No Regrets Shopping Planner here and commit to taking a half hour of your weekend, or anytime before you next go shopping, to go through the planner. It will help you identify; what you like, where you go wrong, and where to invest next in your wardrobe. It's a positive step for you, your wallet, and the world. 

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