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You may have heard the term "Uniform Dressing" thrown around recently. It's something of a trendy idea given broad appeal by names such as: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Hilary Clinton. The essential idea is: one determines what their ideal outfit is and has numerous, very similar, variations of that outfit. For Mark Zuckerberg it's the grey t-shirt and jeans, for Clinton it's the classic pant suit. The benefits of committing to uniform dressing are numerous, from saving you time in the morning, saving you money (by avoiding impulse buys you never end up wearing!) and saving you the stress of a poorly chosen outfit. Sold yet? We certainly are and have built Issue Clothing around a similar idea. While we don't feel you have to be completely restricted to a single outfit, we do believe it's important to identify a couple of key silhouettes that you're confident in. You can then build the majority of your wardrobe to align with these. Not only does it make shopping easier, it makes every day easier. 

Being busy working ladies we no longer have the luxury of taking an hour to get ready in the morning. It's sad but we've mourned and moved on. There are kids, cleaning, family commitments, travel plans, not to mention careers and other aspirations. We want to have it all... and maybe that's not realistic but maybe, just maybe, we can get close. A daily uniform via a capsule wardrobe filled with uniform options, is just one way to simplify the day. Have we convinced you yet? Here's how to get started:
  1. Check out the "Capsule Wardrobe Guide" -- this will help you identify a few key silhouettes to get you started on your uniform planning. 
  2. Take a look at The Essentials -- figure out which basics, that align with your uniform, need to be upgraded (if any). Either purchase today or make a list and start hunting for those uniform pieces. Consider your "cost per wear" and make sure you're creating multiple outfit options with a single purchase.
  3.  Find the winning combination -- Try Uniform Dressing for 30 days, give it a chance and see what you think! It might be too restrictive, or it might be perfect! Find the balance of variation and consistency that suits you.
In part II of this blog post we go into personal style...