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Don't waste another Sunday dreading Monday! Get ready for the week ahead the smart way and consider adding one of the following tips into your routine. Be a little more prepared and you'll cruise through Monday with ease! Consider....

1. Doing some exercise

Sunday is a great day to sneak in a walk or a workout (whatever your preference) before the week gets too manic. it's a great time to get outside and clear your head. Then, you can attack the week refreshed and rejuvenated. These days we often spend our weekends busy taking care of others, attending to chores and errands and catching up on work, so make sure you steal some time to take care of yourself.

2. Meal planning and preparing

Get ahead and make your dinner plans for the week so you're not running to the grocery store every second day. Better yet make a double serving of dinner on Sunday night. That way you have a leftover dinner option for Monday night, or whichever day turns out more chaotic than planned. There's nothing better than coming home and knowing you don't have to fuss around making dinner. 

3. Reading something motivating

Relax with a good book, preferably something that'll get you motivated for the week ahead. Think about an inspiring biography or self help book, anything to put you in the mood for taking positive steps towards your goals.

4. Creating a weekly goals & to-do list

Do you lose track of time and get caught up in the chaos of the week? If so, we recommend getting organized by looking at your big goals for the week, and carving out some planned time to work on them. There's always going to be the urgent requests and last minute meetings so it's important to prioritize time for work on your long term goals -- the things that will pay off in the future.

5. Organizing weekday evening activities

Are you dreading work this week? Consider organizing some fun weekday evening activities. Maybe a massage, or happy hour with friends, choose something that you'll look forward to in the week. We recommend mixing it up each week to keep things interesting. 

Happy Sunday, everyone!