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When life gets busy some things just kinda get forgotten. We can sympathize! When you have a crying child or a looming deadline, it's essentials only. The luxury of shopping for oneself, and keeping "up to date" becomes a chore... which is sad, because it use to be fun! We're here to try and make it fun again, without it taking up ALL your extra time! We know you'll be shooting off to a family thing right after you read this! Do yourself a favor and try the capsule approach - if not via Issue, consider at least taking some time to check out our capsule guide, available here.

In the meantime, here are your 5 signs it's time to overhaul your look:

Sign #1 Your closet is FULL yet you often have NOTHING to wear

We've all been there. There has been an epidemic of cheap, fast fashion. Lots of one time wears and nothing of substance. Take a few bags to the donation bins and start fresh!

If this is you, think about investing in key staples to strengthen the foundation of your look - and wean yourself off those cheap impulse buys!

Sign #2 All your inspiration comes from TV and Celebrities

It's a sign you don't know what YOU like... or maybe you just don't have the time! If you're letting someone else dictate what you purchase you end up with a lot of options but nothing that's "truly you."

If this sounds familiar, it's time to do an audit. What styles do you actually like and feel comfortable in? Consider what your daily "uniform" is made up of? For more on uniform dressing, check out this post.

Sign # 3 You haven't been shopping since your last child was born

If it's been a while, maybe your body has changed, or you're in need of a different "type" of clothing now...  whatever the case, it's time to rethink your look.

If this is you, consider the requirements of your new day-to-day. Build from there. Start slow, figure out what styles and fabrics work, and then invest more in pieces that you're often gravitating towards. If you rush and buy a whole new wardrobe you might find much of it doesn't end up working out as you thought it would. 

Sign #4 You're constantly turning up underdressed

Running to events after work and always feel a little unprepared? Maybe your work look isn't as versatile as it needs to be? Consider wardrobe options for taking a day look into the evening -- you don't necessarily need a giant shift, but a few key investments can give the same illusion.

If this is you, consider some key investments, for example: a great blazer and statements heels can take a day look into the evening. It'll look like you put in MUCH MORE effort than you actually did! 

Sign #5 Something has changed

Maybe you're starting a new job, or you've recently lost a lot of weight. Sometimes life shifts require a similar style shift. Embrace the chance to reinvent your look. If you feel like it's gone boring, you own too much black (guilty!) or your old favorites don't give you the joy they use to.... then it's time.

If this is you, find a friend you trust and start exploring the options. Have fun with it. Go try some things on, or order online (check returns policies first!) and explore Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok or a good old fashion magazine for inspiration.


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