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If you're interested in creating your own capsule wardrobe you've probably started to research online. If not, you'll find very quickly there are many resources to help you on your way. Some of the many ways to build your capsule; start with colours, design your "personal style", clean out your closet, choose 30 pieces or 35 pieces? etc. etc. Although these are helpful research tools we here at Issue believe it is the approach you take to the foundation of the wardrobe that makes the process of shopping, and dressing much easier. The Issue Capsule is the seasonal foundation from which you can build your own personalized capsule wardrobe, unique to you and your needs.

What do we mean by foundation? 

You know those black pants that you thrashed because they go with everything and fit you right? THOSE are foundation pieces. They are versatile and wear well, you can dress them up or down, you know you won't have outfit regrets when you wear them. At Issue we take the essence of those black pants and then design the key pieces for each season with those requirements in mind (versatile, wear well, quality.) 

Let's take Issue 01 as an example. The Issue 01 capsule includes the following; a skirt, dress, pants, shirt and blazer. These pieces make up the following outfits:

1. Shirt, skirt, blazer

2. Shirt, pants, blazer

3. Dress and blazer

Not crazy, right?...  Then add some of your other closet staples: a black turtle neck, striped tee, distressed denim jeans and a casual cropped jacket. Now you have all of the above plus:

1. Dress and cropped jacket

2. Blazer, striped tee and jeans

3. Striped tee and pants

4. Turtle neck and pants

5. Turtle neck, blazer and pants

6. Turtle neck, blazer and jeans

7. Striped tee, skirt and blazer

8. Turtle neck, skirt and cropped jacket

9. Shirt and jeans

That's 12 total outfits with 9 items of clothing. 

That's a very basic example but just goes to show the value of a strong wardrobe foundation. Think how easy it will be to get ready in the morning, when almost every item in your wardrobe coordinates easily.

Next up: When investing in your wardrobe think "cost per wear." 



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