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So you've decided to take the plunge! We applaud you! This is the first step toward a happier & healthier relationship with your own personal style. One of the first things we ask you to consider is where you are today. Examining your current relationship with your own personal style helps to focus and prioritize what you should consider changing first.

We have perused the many many ways to consider starting a capsule wardrobe -- there are a myriad of options. At Issue we believe the most important thing is to make sure you're thinking about it in the right way for you. It's no good to build a capsule wardrobe that's perfect for someone else won't be practical for your day to day needs.

We find people usually purchase too much, or too little, and either like their current style, or don't. Once you've determined where you fall on those spectrums then you need to take a look at your lifestyle needs, for example: if you're a stay at home mum then you will obviously need different types of clothing compared to if you're working in a more formal environment. 

If you're eager to get started, we've developed a in-depth guide to help walk you through this process to build your own personalized capsule wardrobe. It's a resource you can use seasonally to ensure your wardrobe is effective and your style is on-point every day. It's available for download here.

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Look our for our next post on top capsule wardrobe picks.

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