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If you're trying to be more intentional with your wardrobe, or you are trying to reform your impulse shopper ways, then beware of these three habits which might be trapping you in the fast fashion rat race....

1) Be wary of the SALE trap

Just because it's on sale, doesn't mean it's a good deal! The real value in your wardrobe is in pieces with the lowest "cost per wear" if you can wear something a thousand times then you are getting good value from it. Compare that to a piece you bought on a whim that doesn't go with anything you own, that you have only worn once or twice... It's often better to say no to sale pieces no matter the price. Read on about cost-per-wear and how this way of thinking will help save you so much money in the long term.

2) Avoid emotional shopping

Sure there are times to "treat yourself" but when it's every second day it's not really a treat is it? If you gravitate to shopping as a "pick me up" or celebrate with shopping then you might be just kidding yourself. Be wary of letting your emotions carry you away. We often buy impulsively when we are on a high or a low so steer clear of shopping when you're in any extreme mood and you'll be a lot safer.

 3) Avoid eye catching pieces 

Sometimes we just see something and think "ooooh that's lovely" -- in and of itself this isn't a bad thing but if it leads to impulse shopping it can leave you with a closet full of clothes that don't make up many actual outfits. Choose to wait and think about what that lovely piece might go with and if you can make up lots of outfits with it then great, go for it! But, if it's just a nice looking thing that's going to gather dust in the wardrobe, then think again.

It's not easy to change habits that our society has us hardwired towards but it's well worth breaking these patterns of behavior not only for your wallet, but also for your peace of mind. Knowing you are making wise wardrobe choices is a great feeling, almost as good as having lots of great outfit options in your wardrobe. 

If you can steer clear of these three traps then you're going to be in great shape!