Made in New Zealand. Complimentary Shipping on all orders over $250. Made in New Zealand. Complimentary Shipping on all orders over $250.

When referring to clothing the term "basic" and "essential" are often used interchangeably. Here at Issue we make a contrast between the two. This difference is pivotal to our core values and, it's why shopping with us isn't like going to a normal store. Basics tend towards the following: cheap, boring, plain and regularly replaced -- although these have their place (lounging, sleeping, going to the gym) -- they're not going to take you very far at work. This is where we differentiate a basic from an essential. An essential is timeless, it feels good to wear, it's something you can trust, the piece you reach for time and again. Essentials should be invested in, thoughtful purchases you plan. You do this to ensure you're getting something that's just right for you and your needs.

For women, shopping can be really hard. We understand that and it's one of the reasons we started Issue Clothing. Our goal is to make it easy and risk-free. We know there is a lot to consider: fabric, fit, price, your needs, your comfort, colour etc. so we encourage you to try things on, whether you see us at a Pop-Up Shop or email us asking about a specific piece, we encourage you to give the experience a go. Once you get an idea of size, and what silhouettes are best for you, from there shopping for work wear gets MUCH easier. Why shouldn't you have convenience? Why shouldn't you feel fabulous about every piece in your wardrobe? No more guilt, no more fuss, just essential wardrobe pieces made to make YOU feel good (not to mention to be worn beyond a single season!)

Throw out the indecision, the overwhelm, and the general hassle of the traditional shopping experience. Order your essentials or schedule your seasonal capsule delivery today!

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