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Finally the weekend is here! We know you've been busy all week long and whether the schedule is packed or you're just taking it easy, last thing you want to do is to fuss about with excessive outfit changes! We're with you! So here are our three pics to investment in that will extend your capsule through the weekend. 

1. A "Fancy" Tee 

Choose your color wisely but we recommend black, white or navy to ensure maximum wearability. This piece is a tidy ensemble with our Boss Lady Black Pants or Paper Bag Waist Pants. Just add Ballet Flats, Sneakers, or Sandals (weather dependent) and you're out the door. 


2. Skinny Jeans

These are a great staple and pair perfectly with a classic white shirt. SO SIMPLE. SO EASY. SO FRESH. Throw a leather jacker in the mix, flats you're ready for brunch, coffee, or a casual dinner. Other recommended pairings are:

- Sneakers & Tunic Top

- Boots, Merino Layer & Trench

3. Casual Jacket

In New Zealand, particularly, you never know what the weather is going to do. Investing in versatile layers is your best defense against these common (and unannounced) events. It's just too miserable to suffer through the cold! Depending on your personal style here are some ideas:

- A Classic Leather Jacket

- A Silky Bomber Jacket

- A Trench Coat (check out ours)

- A Denim Jacket

- A Black Blazer (Tailored OR Boyfriend Style)

We hope you've enjoyed & maybe even been inspired :D For more capsule essentials visit the collection, here. To continue reading check out the blog, here. Have a great weekend!