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This is the most difficult time of the year for smart outfit choices. With the weather doing these crazy things getting ready in the morning becomes a real challenge. Particularly in this part of the world, where the weather predictions are often wrong and it can all change in a moment. It's at this time of the year you find yourself freezing, sweltering, and/or drenched and altogether uncomfortable on any given day! Such a pain!

To make the season transition a little better for you, we've developed a short checklist that can help you make sure you're ready for any, and all, that mother nature throws your way!  

1. Invest in a small & easily portable umbrella

You can make a little room in your bag for this lifesaver, and you won't regret it! Make sure it's small enough to leave in your bag, or even consider one for your bag and one for your car. Most of the time you won't need it, but when you do you'll be SO happy you have it!

2. Bring a "Throw Over" jacket

This one is about being comfortable when the wind turns, or for that longer-than-desired walk to the car. Choose a style that suits your life and work, make sure it's durable and doesn't mind being tossed on the backseat of the car, or rolled into a bag. Our recommendation: The Essential Trench, it's hardy, water and wind resistant, and goes with EVERYTHING! Switch your Winter coat for something like this and you'll find it a lifesaver!

3. Don't gamble with your shoe choice

At this time of the year it's easy to want to rush into a warm weather shoe but we would lean on the conservative side when it comes to footwear, or if you can't help yourself, bring a backup pair. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having cold feet all day, or worse ruining a pair of new shoes you've been looking forward to wearing!

4. Rock the layers

When in doubt, layer up! Consider lighter, thinner shirts and if you want to wear something even more summery just add a camisole, or underlayer for extra warmth. Then, you can always remove it later in the day as needed. At this stage you can start thinking about packing up the big jackets and chunky woolen layers. Figure out what you're going to put into storage for next year and what is truly a "trans-seasonal" piece for you. These can stay in your working wardrobe.

5. Lighten up!

Consider bringing some lighter, brighter colours into the mix. Swap greys and blacks for white, pinks, blues, and such. This will help give you freshness for the new season. Browse Issue 07 Our Autumn Capsule.