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How is it that some people seem to have that all together, polished look all the time? We've done our homework so you don't have to. Check the following off your list and you'll be a step ahead of the rest.

1. Nails

Keep them tidy however you prefer. Either polished - no chips - or bare, clean, and short.

2. Posture

This is a hard one! But it's important. Engage your core and this will push your chest forward and shoulders back + give you a couple of inches in height -- not bad aye?!

3. Standing appointments

Sometimes the hardest thing about hair appointments, waxing etc. is just getting it on the calendar. We strongly recommend having a standing appointment or at least committing to booking your next appointment while you're still at the salon. That way you're all set and don't have to try and fit it in when the situation has already gone too far (we're all guilty!!!) 

4. Bold lip

Feeling a little drab? Just add a bold lip -- it's a low cost, low risk way to try something new and freshen up your look. It doesn't have to be for everyday and it's fun figuring out which colours work for you. This newness definitely keeps things fresh.

5. Simple Jewelry

Sometimes a little goes a long way and often with jewelry it's easier to stick with some classics. Think delicate silver or gold accents to finish off your outfit. Then if you like a statement piece it's much easier to add that on top.

6. Find a good tailor

Small adjustments to length, or taking a seam in here and there can make a huge difference to how clothing looks. In designing and making clothing pieces are fit to a "fit model" to ensure the intended shape can be scaled up and down sizes. There are too many different body shapes to expect that you're always going to be a perfect fit. Don't despair, if you like the intended style, the fabric, and colour you should be able to make it work with a little help from a trusted tailor or seamstress. You can usually have them check first too and if it isn't workable then most retailers (including us!) will allow you to return items free of charge.

7. Care for your shoes

Re-soling and re-heeling can give your favorite pair a whole new life! Be sure to also keep the top side of the shoe conditioned and polished to ensure the longest life possible. Choose leather when possible as this will wear the best over the long term.

8. Less is more 

For everyday occasions don't over do your look. If your outfit is on point then don't go overboard in the hair and make-up department. If you've chosen simple clothing then you can amp up the hair and/or make up. Let there be a focus to your presentation -- be it your fabulous shoes, bold lip or some sparkly jewels! 

9. More solids less patterns

Patterns and prints are great in small doses but don't get too carried away. It's usually a safer and "chic-er" route to stick with solid colours. However, if you just can't help yourself then we say go for it... some rules are made to be broken and we think this is a perfect example!

10. Invest in a solid everyday bag

Accessories are key and a great everyday bag will provide maximum impact for minimum effort. This is where you can invest more, knowing you'll likely get a lot of wear (AKA low "cost-per-wear" - check out the blog post here

For more on key investment pieces check out our top ten blog post here or the video.

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