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So you've been working on your capsule wardrobe, and your work style, but now it's getting colder and the weather has ruined all your progress! We feel ya! When it's grey and cold there is nothing more tempting than curling up at home in a jumper and thick socks. While that's fine for the weekend, it's not going to fly for that important client meeting. Unfortunately, the weather won't delay your upcoming performance review either. We thought it might be helpful to share our tips on weather-proofing your capsule wardrobe. Consider these tips and ensure comfort and style ALL winter long...

1. Carry a coat

Mornings can be a nightmare... so don't expect you'll always have time to dress perfectly. Just have a work appropriate warm coat handy for any surprises. Keep it in your car, or by your desk so it's an easy grab when the occasion requires it. We recommend something like our Essential Winter Coat or Cocoon Coat, both are practical, stylish, and timeless. 

2. Consider your footwear

Boots are always a good choice this time of the year. Make sure they're waterproofed and kept clean and tidy. Polish and/or a damp rag should be kept handy so you can keep them looking good. There are many styles that work for the office but it's important to have a good go-to pair. Consider a black or grey in a matte-finish leather. On the shoulder of the season and in warmer climates closed ballet flats and loafers are also great options.

3. Layer on your tops

Office temperatures can be about as varied as the outside weather, so if you know your office can be stuffy in the morning and somehow freezing cold after lunch, dress in layers. Consider a shirt and wool layer when it's really cold then a light blazer, or outer coat, that way you have options to remove and add as the office weather changes. For a few ideas check out our tops and shirts,

4. Just add tights

Wear your favourite skirts and dresses all year long by adding tights! This tip is not rocket science but many (including us!) forget this is a really good option. Embrace the retro look and add these to your shopping list (choose black and skin toned options for maximum versatility). That $15 expense might give you double the work options! Now that's a GOOD investment!

5. Check your weather app & plan ahead

It's not always possible but if you can check the weather and plan accordingly, you'll always be better off. We are big proponents of planning your outfit the night before, just so you don't have to think about it in the morning, but we know that's not always a realistic option. Having a coat and an umbrella on hand provide good insurance in changeable climates!

Choosing to build a Capsule Wardrobe makes it simpler to dress each morning regardless of the season (or other limitations in your life.) If you're yet to start the Capsule Wardrobe journey be sure to check out our Capsule Wardrobe Planning Guide or explore our blog for more style ideas and capsule wardrobe tips

Enjoy XX 

Hannah & Robyn