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A really handy way to simplify your getting ready routine is to have an "outfit formula" what does this mean you ask?! An outfit formula is essentially a go-to combination of pieces that make up a silhouette that you know works for you. Ideally, if you have a capsule wardrobe already, then you know you have loads of combinations that work together but when it comes to work not all combos are appropriate. As we start to get back into the office it might be time to think about making life easier with a work outfit formula. An example is the best way to explain this... An outfit formula might be a slim fit pant, such as a pair of jeans, oversized blouse and then tailored blazer over the top. If you have a couple of slim fit pants and different blouses you can make lots of fast combinations of outfits without much thought. 

Another example would be a tailored pant and tee -- with or without a jacket this is a comfortable and easily repeatable outfit with various tees you may already have. It's all about maintaining the overall silhouette that you know works for your body shape and office dress code, and then switching out one piece to create some variation each day. As we move into a new season we will share some more examples of how to create your own Outfit Formula using key pieces from our collection, that way you can see how easy it is when you choose super versatile styles and have a plan! 

If you struggle with getting an outfit together each day maybe it's time to ask yourself "what's my formula?" -- Once you have it sorted you'll find mornings are a BREEZE!