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Here are our top ten favorites for your capsule wardrobe. Remember to consider the silhouettes you generally wear and only invest in the pieces you know will work for the most combinations. We find the following pieces are great because of their versatility and simplicity. Make it easy on yourself and you’ll feel so much better about your outfit choices AND your clothing investments. For more info on how to build your own capsule wardrobe, download our guide.

1. White Button Down Shirt

You can't go wrong with this classic. Choose a high quality fabric to ensure you get the most wear over the long term. Pairing is easy. Dress it up with any suiting, work wear or corporate attire, or dress it down with denim and a leather jacket. So easy. So chic.

2. Black Blazer

Another solid basic to have in your capsule. The go-to for when you need to throw something over your outfit to elevate your look. We recommend black for easy matching, but navy or grey are also great options if you don't want to go with black. Choose simple so it doesn't look dated over time and a style that suits your body shape. 

3. Classic Dress

This is where a Little Black Dress would fit in well! Not everyone loves black but we would recommend a neutral so you can mix it up with accessories. Here you're looking for something that is comfortable and fits well -- you should feel fabulous in it. 

4. Black Pumps

When you HAVE to wear heels, these are essential. Make sure you consider the height that you're most comfortable in, if you don't you'll end up never wearing them. Look for matte finishes, such as suede or a muted leather - this will ensure they're easier to match than for example a patent or shiner option.

5. Tote Bag

Great for work or carting around the kids, a great tote bag is easy and versatile. You'll get so much use you could even justify a seasonal switch up. Choose something muted and dark for winter, then light and bright for summer. So essential. So good.

6. Jeans

This is where investing well really pays off. If you find a pair of jeans that you love, that fit you well etc. then these are going to be easily one of the favorites in your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to spend more than standard on jeans, they're so worth the investment when you choose well. See our previous article on cost per wear for more on this subject!

7. Dress Pants

Consider your styles and invest appropriately. If you don't do pants as much you might want to stick with a classic black. If you do wear pants a lot then you can branch out into something more fun. For Spring we're seeing a lot of waist detailing which we love! 

8. Casual Jacket

Add some interest with a casual jacket. Perfect for completing your look. Could be denim, bomber or leather. If you have more to spend then leather is a GREAT investment. If not, a denim jacket or silky bomber is great for spring layering. You can get some very cute, cheap versions that are a solid alternative to leather. These are also a great option for adding color and patterns. More of a classic chic girl? Consider a trench.

9. Black Flats

For when you don't want to wear heels but still need to look professional, a good pair of black flats is essential. Invest in leather so ensure comfort and long-wearing. These are a no-brainer.

10. Black Merino (Layering Piece)

A strong layering piece will give you a lot of options cross seasons. If you wear tunic styles or dresses this will be a great addition to get your through the cooler months. But even if you don't you'll find a good layering piece is perfect for most skirt/pant combos, throw on the blazer for work then switch to the casual jacket for happy hour! 

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