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Spring is just around the corner! BUT this time of year it can be tricky to choose the right outfit. The mornings can still be frosty but by lunch time it can be significantly warmer. This can leave you sweating in your merino layers or freezing as you skip out to the car in the evening. OR maybe you're just feeling blah in general as the Winter gear has been thoroughly thrashed by this point in the year.

It doesn't have to be this way! We have compiled a list of tips for making it through this transition to Spring, in comfort AND style...

1. Layers are your friend!

Include short sleeve layers under wool and coat layers to ensure you have options throughout the day. Choose a wool coat or blazer and layer with a shorter sleeve or lighter weight fabric underneath. If your climate is particularly variable include a back up "middle layer" that you can add between shirts and coats. Consider one of our Join The Crew Pullovers for this job. These can be layered or worn with just a cami underneath.

2. Choose Natural Fibres 

Make Wool, Cotton and Silk your go-to fabrics for this time of the year. The natural fibres are your best bet as they work with your body to enable temperature regulation both keeping your warmer when it's cold, and cooler when it's warm!

3. Explore Colour & Prints

It's very normal to feel a bit blah as we get through the depths of Winter. Improve your mood by choosing some colour or a print. Play with some of your Spring favs like dresses and skirts. Just add tights and boots, plus a coat so you're not caught out!

4. Start sorting! 

Start thinking about sorting your wardrobe for the next season. Dressing can end up being a bit of a habit thing. It's much easier to choose your outfits when you can see what you have. Pack away things that are no longer season appropriate so you can move into the new season with a clean wardrobe.

5. Start thinking about gaps

Once you can see what you have it's time to thinking about what you might need to add. This is also a great time to get some inspiration for new looks to try especially if you're feeling a bit bored with your current look. Explore Instagram or Pinterest to see if there are styles that might freshen up your look. Maybe it's a new pant silhouette -- for example the Wide Leg has really shown up over the last year and maybe Spring is the time try it out! Check out our Essentials Collection for a few ideas...