Made in New Zealand. Complimentary Shipping on all orders over $250. Made in New Zealand. Complimentary Shipping on all orders over $250.

Let's take a moment to explore the value you get from investing wisely in your wardrobe. When you choose the right foundation (highly versatile, quality pieces) you know you're going to get lots of wear! When you consider the life these pieces give your wardrobe it's much higher than your typical fashion purchase. This means choosing wisely will actually save you money!

Here's the CPW (Cost Per Wear) analysis comparing one of our blazers and a typical fashion purchase:

Issue Blazer = averages 300 wears (2 times per week, for three years)

Total price $295-$395 divide by 300 wears = $0.98-$1.96 per wear

Lower quality, less versatile alternative = average 24 wears (2x a month, for one year)

Total price $129 divide by 24 wears = $5.38 per wear

This is just an example but you'll already see that choosing the right piece (no matter if it costs more or not) is a better investment. Cost Per Wear is a much more productive framework for understanding your wardrobe than looking purely at the ticket price. Plan your wardrobe foundation the right way and you get more wear per piece. This means you can (and should) justify investing in high quality pieces because they truly can be an investment. 

It's not to say you can't find great quality pieces at great prices but it does mean thinking beyond just the price before making your purchases. 

Shop wisely, friends!