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Organising your wardrobe can seem like a huge job and often goes in the "too hard basket" SO here are 10 x 10 min ways to make a small dent in the big job.... Go on and give one a go and you might find you get the momentum & motivation to get the whole job done (or not!) either way, progress is progress! We hope this will help you along your way.

1. Remove season inappropriate attire from your current wardrobe 
Pack it up in an old suitcase, pop it in the spare room wardrobe, or in a box under the stairs. Where ever it goes removing these items from the visual space will help you see what you have, reduce clutter and make your current wardrobe more usable. 

2. Tidy up "The Chair" 
You know the one we mean! Fold, wash, mend, or whatever you are supposed to be doing with this pile, go ahead and sort it out and clear the way for that chair to be a chair.... OR better yet remove it from the room so you don't get tempted to pile things there again!

3. Go do that drycleaner trip
It's time to get those clothes back into rotation and let's be honest they have been in the drycleaning bag long enough.

4. Donate
Seriously, it's time for that bag to be donated. Your boot space will be better used, and bonus: no more guilt each time you open the boot and see it!

5. Tidy your sock drawer
Small acts can be really impactful and honestly this one is such a goodie. Once this drawer is tidy you'll find you might have a whole lot more socks than you thought you did. Chuck the holy ones and you'll find all kinds of space making it much easier to close! 

6. Line up your shoes
Another small but powerful move. Tidy shoes just feel good. Try it and you'll see what we mean.

7. Do a hand wash
Ok this might take a little longer than 10 mins but it is a good one to get done so you can use those pieces again! Or if you can't stand the idea then just include in your drycleaner drop off (if the garment care allows) the whole point here is getting these pieces back into the rotation in your wardrobe again instead of on their current hand washing hiatus.

8. Do wardrobe skim through
This is a quick review of your hanging items to see if any should be retired, need ironing, mending or for some reason aren't being used. Skim and remove anything that you've not worn in a year or more and remove it from your current wardrobe space. If you're coming into the next season and you know some of these items are now looking tired and needing an update, then pull those into one section of the wardrobe and make a note of them so you can know to keep an eye out for these if you are going to be doing some shopping.

9. Scout the house
Does your wardrobe manage to spread itself all over the house? That's ok, there's a quick fix. Take 10 mins and scout your house to consolidate these pieces back into your wardrobe. Socks are often the culprit pieces in this instance (they do end up in the oddest of places!) just chuck them in the laundry and you're done with this easy job. 

10. Sort the coat rack/front room
This area can get a little cluttered and often becomes a dumping zone. Let's sort it! Get the season inappropriate coats and boots into storage and make sure only seasonally relevant and usable items are here. If you've got a big family, or just lots of people in your house, you may need to limit how much each person stores in this area to ensure it's not complete chaos.

Hopefully you find some of these ideas helpful and you can make a little headway on simplifying your wardrobe and keeping clothing spread to a minimum.

Happy sorting!