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If you've recently cleaned out your closet you might be wondering if it's worth trying to resell some of what has been cleared. There are so many great things about reselling not to mention you can make some money! Reselling is a great way to give a garment a chance at a second life, saving it from the landfill! If your items are still in good condition then there's a good chance someone else might be the perfect new owner! Here at Issue we are BIG FANS of both buying and selling second hand, it is where you can find amazing pieces for great prices (check out the next post on how to be discerning second hand shopper) If you want to get the most from your reselling efforts then consider these things:

1) Choose the right location for reselling

Higher value pieces, things like leather bags, wool coats, special event dresses, designer pieces, anything that's worth more we recommend you try and have a store resell on your behalf. A good consignment store can ensure you get the most for the item. They also can help to ensure the pricing is fair and reasonable. 

For lower value pieces a great place to sell is on Facebook Marketplace, or in New Zealand another option is TradeMe. 

Some brands have their own preloved/buy sell pages on Facebook Groups and this is a great option to ensure your pieces get shown to an audience of people who might like them and you can also use this location to see what prices people are asking.

2) Make sure the piece is cleaned and mended

The goal is to make the item look as new and unworn as possible so definitely wash and steam/iron and hang. If it's something more delicate or would be best drycleaned then that option is a great way to ensure the piece looks super attractive to potential buyers.

3) Take attractive and accurate pictures 

If you are selling online, then photos are super important. Try a few different spots to make sure you have the best lighting. Get a few different angles (front, side, back and any details) Also check that the colour of the garment in person looks similar to how the photos are coming up. You want the images to be both attractive but also accurate. Consider if wearing an item might be a better option that hanging it on a hanger. Sometimes garments look better on a figure compared to hanging or laying flat.

4) Describe the piece in detail

Write a detailed description of the item and include any faults or wear and tear that the new owner may want to know. Consider including the age of the item and the original purchase price as this helps others understand the value and decide if it's a good deal for them.

5) Price it reasonably

Do some research online and see what similar items are getting in terms of pricing. This will give you an idea of what is fair and reasonable. Do this with pieces you are taking to a consignment or second hand store too so you are informed and can compare what you found with what the store is saying they would price it for. The store takes a percentage of the sale price so keep this in mind when comparing your options.

6) Try and try again

 If you try the store option and one store doesn't sell the piece consider trying another one, different stores have different clientele and you may have more success at a different location. If you're selling online sometimes things take time to sell too so try things a few times (update photos and pricing) and be patient. Reselling is an art and it might take a little bit of tinkering to get a feel for it.

Happy Re-Selling!