$1,500.00 NZD

The ultimate 10 piece capsule wardrobe. Here are our picks for a one and done capsule wardrobe -- total value $1842 discounted for you for just $1500. That's over 20% off! Here's what you get:

1. Silk Tee - choose one (black, red, olive green) 

2. White Cotton Tee - white

3. Essential Shirt - white 

4. Roll neck or crew neck machine wash merino - black or navy

5. Essential Tunic Dress - black or navy

6.  Essential Boss Pants - black or navy

7. Draped Wide Leg Pants - black, navy or camel

8. Pencil, Midi or Box Pleat Skirt - black or navy

9. Merino Crew - black, grey or navy

10. Blazer - choose from the Enterprise or Broker

We will email you to confirm your colour and size choices.