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Maybe you're starting a new job, coming back from maternity leave or just looking to step things up a notch, whatever the reason we're here to help. These are the moments you want to look and feel your best and there is nothing worse than staring at your wardrobe without a clue as to where to begin. Here are a few things to keep in mind (and keep you from going out of your mind)...

1. Modesty Tests

Is it too low, too short or too see-through? When you're rushing in a changing room it's easy to forget these things. Do these tests and be confident in your choices:

  • Too Low Cut Test: Bend forward and see how much "gaping" occurs at the front, you'll know if it's too much.
  • Too Short Test: Sit down on a chair or bench and cross your legs. Consider how much leg reveal you are comfortable with. Tip: if you're pulling it down as you walk, it's likely too short or too tight and might be a fuss day-to-day.
  • Too See-through Test: Can you see skin/bra details? If yes, it might be a date night shirt... 

2. Versatility

If you're always struggling to create an outfit you like, it might be that you're choosing pieces that only have limited styling options. If your closet is full and you often have nothing to wear, then it's time to invest in some wardrobe essentials. These will EXTEND the wear of your favourites, and those unique, one of a kind pieces you love to wear but hate to match! Think: blazers, simple tailored pants, pencil skirts etc. (check out our Essentials Collection for these pieces)

3. Genuinely YOU

Consider what's important to you! Are you creative and like to use your outfit to express yourself? Or, do you have big goals and don't want your outfit to speak louder than you? If you're into bright colors and patterns then embrace it, if you're more demure that's fine too! Whatever your approach to your wardrobe, know that the most important thing is that YOU feel comfortable.

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