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We're kicking off a new series called "Issue Style" where we feature one of the Issue capsule pieces styled in a variety of ways. Our top seller for the Spring 2016 Capsule has been the Issue 01 Shirt, so naturally that's where we will start. Be inspired to try something new, or put a twist on a classic. Here are 5 ways to style your Issue 01 Shirt.

1. Tucked & Smart

For a formal meeting or presentation we recommend styling the shirt tucked into dress pants or a pencil skirt. Nothing fussy here, just wearing it the way it was originally designed. 

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2. Untucked and casual, with sleeves rolled.

For those days you just need to not think about what you're wearing. Pair with skinny black pants or boyfriend jeans and you're out the door.

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3. Untucked and layered with leather

For brunch or running around town, leather and cotton are the perfect pair. Comfort and style without looking like you tried. 

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4. Unbuttoned and finished with a scarf

Add a cami if necessary (or go without) - this is Parisian chic meets happy hour! 

5. Buttoned & cuffed with a blazer 

Master this bold look by unbuttoning the shirt cuff and rolling it over the edge of the blazer cuff. The trick: fewer, bigger folds.

Shop the look: shirt & blazer

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