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They say "clothes make the (wo)man" but we can't stop there... shoes are very important too. As a pricier item on the shopping list it's even more important to know what styles are going to work for the majority of your needs. Where are our ten picks for great work shoes - obviously you'll need a couple and keep in mind some are not appropriate for all work places. We also recommend choosing leather, when possible, as it wears well and can be more easily restored than cheaper materials. Here we go!

1. Black Pointed Pumps

These work for so many combinations! If you have them, you thrash them, they're a solid investment. 


2. Luxe Style Loafer

These are very versatile and perfect for those days when you're running around and a heel is just impractical.




3. Animal Print Pumps

Make a statement! When you wear a lot of black and grey everywhere else shoes are a fun way to add interest and personality. Choose snakeskin for the more subtle, or Leopard for the bold.




4. Short Stacked Heel

Comfortable and on trend, these are a great alternative for when you can get away with casual but still want a heel.


 5. Tall Flat Boots

A Winter must-have. Choose grey or black to get the most wear. Definitely a more casual option, but a solid investment nonetheless.


6. Ankle Strap Sandals

Another very versatile option for when your social calendar has you running from work to play. Choose lighter colors and you'll be wearing these through wedding season too!


7. Classic Ankle Boot

Another cooler weather must-have. A more appropriate work shoe when taller boots don't work. Pair with a dress and tights for an easy & stylish day look. 


8. Ballet Flats

Easy and breezy. These are regularly our saving grace. Get a little bag and have them handy in your purse so you can switch out when the going gets tough.


9. Metallic Heels

Don't question yourself. You can rock gold or silver. These are perfect for transitioning from day to night and metallics match many many fabrics so you'll find they become a go to.



10. Espadrille

Something a little different and a very sweet alternative to a sandal. Really great if you are self conscious of your toes and feet, or the last pedicure you had was too long ago to mention - whatever the case these are very fun! Great for holidays and weekends!



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