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Hi Everyone, Hannah here! Before we get into the good stuff I want to take a moment to thank all of our customers, followers and fans for making 2016 a great year for Issue Clothing. This is our first year and in the short time we've been in business we've been overwhelmed by the support we have received from you all. Many of you are close friends and family who help us (literally) daily. For providing ideas, for opening your networks to us, for positive vibes, we are and will forever be in your debt. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

From our Kickstarter back in June, to our first pop-up shop in Christchurch, to our second release (Issue 02 - shop now!) We can't wait to share more adventures in capsule dressing with you all in 2017. Now onto the good stuff... 

I'm currently in the US, so those in New Zealand and Australia will be getting this when they awaken with their NYE hangovers, but (despite the name of this post) we're big into resolutions (all the time, not just in the new year). It's all about finding small ways to improve your life, ways that can be maintained long term. That's what the whole capsule concept for us was, a way to simplify one area of life so we (and you!) could focus on others. Resolutions could be: professional, personal, organsational (like building a capsule wardrobe!) If you pick a really good one, it could even become a "keystone habit". This means it actually kicks off other good habits without you realising it! How cool is that! Making one change can truly be monumental. So here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

Habit 1. Get 8 hours sleep a night

This one is Arianna Huffington approved - so I don't even think we need to say more - check out her books: Thrive and The Sleep Revolution for more information on the impact of sleep deprivation and how to defy the current trends towards over-working and under-sleeping.

Habit 2. Eliminate negative self talk

This is all about watching what the little voice in your said is saying and understanding if she's being helpful or harmful. If you stop negative self talk then there will be a greater amount of positive. Positive thinking leads to positive actions. If this is something you want to work on in 2017, here's some more information.

Habit 3: Walk every day

Now we're not here to say "you need to be working out 30 mins or 3 times a week," or whatever. Some people are big into exercise and have larger goals in this area, like running a half marathon or losing some weight. Good for you! We're not going to get into those types of things, but moving is human, the fact is our brains and our bodies suffer if we have a sedentary life and getting into the habit of moving more is foundational to so much other goodness: better emotional wellbeing, mental performance, physical health etc etc. Try a lunchtime walk, or better yet walk to work! Small things can be a game changer. This is definitely a keystone habit and one both Robyn and I use to re-charge and recover.  

Habit 4: Be present

Oh this is a goodie! We have SO many distractions in life. One in particular is stuck in our hand, almost all the time: our phone! This can create a terrible lack of focus in life. Maybe you're out to dinner with friends and you're texting another friend who isn't there.... I know it seems innocuous but think about it, you're there to spend time when them... not the person on the phone. It's really about being in the moment, being available to the people who are physically with you so you can be a good friend, spouse or parent. Please take the time to be where you are in 2017, whether it's at work in a meeting, or at home with your family. Whatever is on your phone can wait. Consider blocking out hours or days where you only use your phone for emergencies. Here's a compelling video that talks about some of the negative impacts we should all be aware of, particularly for those of you with little ones. Rant over!

Not sure? Try it for 30 days!

This isn't a habit, but more of a way of effectively integrating positive changes into your life. They say it's easier to keep a habit when these two things are true 1) the goal is a manageable amount of time and 2) you make a no excuses rule. Basically the logic is that we fall apart when we have to rely on will power to make a decision. Removing the decision means we remove the ability to ruin our chance of success. Here's an example: For me, my husband is a dentist so you know I have to be flossing (there is no getting out of it!) I hated it, wasn't in the habit and couldn't seem to motivate myself to do it at the end of a long day. So I followed these guides: I gave myself 30 days, I said to myself "Hannah, you're going to do this for 30 days and you can't skip a day." I think in the end I skipped one day, but after the 30 days was over I wasn't even thinking about it anymore. The habit became part of my night time routine and now it's not a problem. Since then I've done "30 day challenges" for daily walks, eliminating sugar addiction, and of course kicking my shopping habit! 

I hope you're inspired and empowered to make some positive changes in 2017! If you're interested in more posts like this one please provide feedback or comments below. We'd love to hear from you! 

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