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The season for travel is right around the corner! We want to make sure you're armed with our top travel packing tips so you can enjoy the pleasure of a well packed suitcase. Packing like a pro is an art, much like a capsule wardrobe and if you're notorious for overpacking, and only wearing a small portion of the contents of your bag, then these tips are for you!

1. Make a List

The most important step is to make a plan. Each day you're traveling for work, or play, you need to know what your wardrobe needs are and plan accordingly. A list will make sure you're not forgetting key events and the items required for them. Take 5 minutes and write what you need to bring, or better yet create a "master list" and use this every time you travel making edits as needed for the specifics of the trip.

2. Roll Up!

Don't fold items into your bag, ROLL THEM! This saves room in your bag. Plus, for delicate items, it limits creasing. This is key!

3. Layer On

Wear and pack layers. This is especially important if you're not sure what the weather is going to do. Don't skip on bringing key layers just because you think you don't have room. Wear or carry on the bulkiest ones if you can, and pack the rest.

4. Pack Dual Purpose Garments

Similarly to the previous tip, it's a good idea to choose garments that can be worn in various combinations. This will save you bringing more items but still give you lots of outfit options. A great example is a blazer that can be worn for a casual dinner with jeans, or over a dress for a client meeting. 

5. Bring Detergent

Another great tip is to do a little in-room laundry. Bring a mini bottle of detergent so you can wash delicates and tops in your hotel bathroom. Hang them over the rail to dry and wear again! This is great for dual purpose garments and also your travel day outfit (if you're one of those people who have a specific outfit you wear on the plane or in the car for extra comfort). If you can avoid bringing two pieces that serve the same purpose and can wash one instead then do so. Just make sure you do washing early so it has time to dry and you're not left in a sticky situation! If you can't stand the thought of washing in your room, then consider using the hotels laundry service!