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Struggling with the idea of what to wear to work, or how to plan your wardrobe when you're returning to the workforce after a break? Whether you've been on maternity leave, or an extended holiday (lucky you!), we understand it can be overwhelming when you start to think about going back to work. Keep reading for our top tips on how to (re)plan your office wardrobe.

Clear out your wardrobe

It's can be quite disheartening when you go to get dressed for work and find that none of your clothes fit you anymore, or that there's nothing you enjoy wearing. Before you return to work, be honest with yourself about what works for you in your current wardrobe. For those of you that are returning after work, you may find that your body shape has changed - when I returned to work, I realised I'd gone up a size in my hips. Keeping my pre-baby and pre-pregnancy clothes in my wardrobe was making dressing for work a nightmare, but clearing them out also cleared my mind, and helped me plan my purchases carefully.

Plan what you need

There are two aspects to this, particularly if you are returning to work after having a child and are no longer working full time. 

The first is to work out how many outfits you need, based on how many days you are working. If you're back in the office part-time, you'll need less clothes than you had previously. For example, if you're working 2 days a week, and you don't like repeating outfits too often, you might find you can get by with 2 skirts, 2 tops, and 2 dresses, which is 6 outfits. Add a blazer and some accessories, and you'll feel like you have plenty of options.

The second part of your returning to work wardrobe planning is to carefully plan which pieces you need. We cover this activity in our Capsule Wardrobe Planning Guide, but the main aim is to make sure you think carefully about what pieces you'll get maximum use of. Have enough corporate skirts? Try teaming them with some versatile shirts that you can also wear casually to get maximum use out of. Pick a blazer that you can team with jeans and boots for the weekend as well as with your work wear. Our Enterprise Blazer is a a good option!


Purchase carefully

Now that you've worked out how many pieces you need, and what sort of pieces you can get maximum wear out of, it's time to purchase carefully. If you're returning to work after having a child, you might want to think about darker colours and hard-wearing fabrics. Our Essential Trench has been great option for me - grubby little fingers haven't been able to make any long lasting marks on them yet! 


Returning to work after a long break - whether maternity leave or an extended leave - can feel stressful. Sorting out your wardrobe can take some of the stress out of returning to work, and help make it a more enjoyable experience. Good luck, and enjoy!


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